Non-Refundable Reservations

A non-refundable reservation is a reservation made that is not eligible for refund, for any reason or circumstance.

mobytrip does not recommend making a reservation with non-refundable rates if it is possible that your plans may change.

mobytrip does not always have a direct relationship with the hotel. We are integrated with several of the biggest suppliers of hotel rooms to find the best deals for our customers. Sometimes these rates have a limited refund window clause or are not refundable. For each booking, for each room, where there is a free cancellation time, these terms are preapproved by all partners, so your refund request, if it reaches us during free cancelation time, will be executed immediately, and you will have your money credited back to your original payment card, or a pending capture transaction canceled.

If there is no online option to cancel your reservation, please notify us. If your cancellation request reached us post-free cancellation time, or your booking was reserved with a not refundable rate, we need to start a negotiation process with all the parties involved. We will contact the hotel supplier and travel partners and ask to cancel your reservation.
This negotiation is still necessary, even with the hotel's approval, as our travel partners have different cancellation policies. While we do our best to negotiate, we can not guarantee a positive resolution of every case, as some travel partners may reject our cancellation request and charge for your booking.

In such cases, mobytrip is unable to grant a refund. As soon as we will get confirmation from all travel partners, that they are ready to waive some or all charges related to your booking, we will issue you a refund.